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Tequila Plata

Tequila Plata

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2021, 2020, & 2019 Gold Medals San Francisco World Spirits

KOKORO Spirits proudly presents our award-winning Tequila Plata. Honoring traditional methods of production, our tahona crushed tequila provides an inviting aroma of cooked agave, green apple, and dusted pineapple with a balance of citrus, anise, mint, and white pepper flavors. A perfect tequila to sip neat or elevate your finest cocktail recipes.



40% Alc. Vol. (80 PROOF)


NOM 1604

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Our Commitment

Inspired by a core philosophy of 'Profit with Purpose,' and sustainability, KOKORO Spiritsis a California Benefit Corporation and a member of 1% for the Planet.

A percentage of our proceeds are also allocated to the California Academy of Sciencesand USBG Helen David Relief Fund.

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Agave at it's finest.

The agave plant is the heart of this spirit. We believe good tequila comes from honoring this heart. That's why we don't cut any corners in our production.

100% Blue Weber Agave

Grown high up in the Jalisco highlands, our agave plants flourish in the elevated terrain, developing tropical and fruit-forward profiles.

After 7-8 years, the agave reaches full maturity, and a special knife called a coa is used to cut the agave's leaves away from the sugar-rich piña bulb.

Horno Cooked

The piña is slowly cooked in a brick oven for 48 hours, transforming its starches into fermentable sugars.

Tahona Crushed

After baking, the piñas are crushed and shredded to extract the sweet juice inside, referred to as aguamiel.

Our aguamiel is created using an ancient volcanic stone, called a Tahona, which preserves the agave's flavors while imparting it's own minerality.

Open Air Fermentation

The aguemiel is then placed in pine pinones and mixed with local spring water. The mixture remains exposed to the open air, collecting the native yeast of the region.

Copper Still Distillation

The agave juice is then distilled twice to produce a clear silver tequila. Copper stills allow for meticulous control over the heating process and lends itself to a smoother, more pure tequila.

Additive Free

Our tequila goes straight from the still to the bottle. No added sugars, flavors, colors, or texturizers. All that's left is the pure essence of agave.

A history of excellence.

Destiladora Bonanza, located at NOM 1604, is a family operation with over 130 years of history in creating fine tequilas. We're proud to partner with Bonanza for their deep heritage, focus on authenticity, and commitment to environmental sustainability.