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Tequila Plata

The truest, most traditional expression of tequila. Our award-winning Tequila Plata uses horno-cooked blue weber agave, crushed by an ancient tahona, then fermented in the open air and natural water of the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

Provides an inviting aroma of cooked agave, green apple, and dusted pineapple with a balance of citrus, anise, mint, and white pepper flavors.

Tequila Limitada

Named one of the best tequilas of 2023 by VinePair. We rested our award-winning Tequila Plata with cooked Tequilana Weber Agave Azul for 10 days to create our Limitada.

Floral aromas of citrus and dusted pineapple combine with subtle mineral notes from our tahona. A peppery warmth of baking spices and burnt caramel along with notes of cooked agave, apple, honey, and peach flavors.

Four-Grain American Whisk(e)y

Driven by curiosity (and a need to source whiskey barrels for a future extra-añejo tequila), we partnered with Master Blender Ashley Barnes in Louisville, KY to craft our first ever whiskey.

Made from three different whiskies with four mashbills, the nose starts with baking spiced orange creamsicle and leads to apricot jam spread over warm cinnamon toast. Brown butter, root beer, and toasted marshmallow are complimented with a challah toast finish. Only 1,080 bottles produced. 

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