We lead with an honest heart, devoted to curating a collection of premium spirits, as we explore the world to honor our collective humanity & celebrate our cultural individualities.

It starts with the truest expression of Tequila.

Our Tequila Plata is the heart and foundation of all our tequila expressions. It's made using only the most tradional processes, skipping no steps in crafting something truly exceptional.

  • 100% Blue Weber Agave

    Fully matured agave grown in the rich soil the highlands of Jalisco.

  • Horno Cooked

    Slowly roasted for 48 hours in brick ovens.

  • Tahona Crushed

    Crushed by an ancient volcanic stone to extract the sweetest parts of the agave.

  • Open Air Fermentation

    Pine pipones, local spring water, and native yeasts offer the region's unique flavors.

  • Copper Still Distillation

    Twice distilled in a copper still because we don’t cut any corners.

  • Additive Free

    No added sugars, flavors, colors, or texturizers.

  • Our Name

    KOKORO is a Japanese expression that unites the notions of heart, mind, and spirit, which are considered indistinguishable from one another. Like our namesake, we lead with an honest mind, take care of the regions and people with our heart, and create spirits that bring people together from all over the world.

  • Our X's

    Our handwritten X’s symbolize the Nordic rune, *Gebō, which represents the relationship between giving, receiving, and learning to give responsibly. *Gebō pours into our celebration of communities & camaraderie and stands as a reminder of our mission to give back to the regions where we source our premium spirits.

  • Our Bottle

    Our iconic jug is the vessel for all our spirits, as a symbol that it’s what’s inside that matters. We believe that in perfecting the inside, we can achieve more great and purposeful things on the outside.

Our Awards

Our insistence on using time-honored techniques has rekindled our relationship with authentic-tasting tequila, resulting in back-to-back gold medals. Our award-winning Tequila Plata embodies our dedication to excellence and sets the standard for our spirits to come.

Our Responsibility

We believe in creating with a greater purpose. We placed the triple bottom line in the center of everything we do and partner with only like-minded distilleries and organizations. Built around the ideology of “Profit with Purpose” we are a California Benefit Corporation and a member of 1% for the Planet. In addition, we proudly contribute 5% of profits and time to non-profit organizations deeply rooted in the local regions where our spirits are sourced.