Whiskey or Whisky: Embracing Diversity

Whiskey or Whisky: Embracing Diversity

Spelling “whiskey” with an e is commonly used in the United States and Ireland, while Scotland and Canada spell it “whisky” without the e. Other countries like Japan spell it without because they learned how to make whisky from the Scottish. Pretty simple, right? So what’s with our parenthesis?

Is it whiskey or whisky? Pouring our whisk(e)y blend pouring into a whiskey glass.

As we noted the difference in spelling, our minds wandered. Exploration is one of KOKORO’s most important pillars, and we had no intentions of limiting ourselves to one region when it came to our whisk(e)y. Picking one over the other felt more like a constraint. So we added the parentheses to show that our collection is inclusive, diverse, and open to exploring the world.

Before branching out, we felt it was important to honor our home by starting our KOKORO Whisk(e)y collection with a Four-Grain American Whiskey Blend. When the time is right, we plan to expand to more regions and craft a limited edition whisk(e)y with each new batch. Until then, our parentheses stand as the doorway to adventuring further for future whiskey productions.

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