Los Primos: A Celebration of Two Worlds

Los Primos: A Celebration of Two Worlds

KOKORO Spirits presents our Los Primos bundle to experience the best of both worlds. Speaking of two worlds, we launched it just in time to help celebrate these special dates: Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby. Two very distinct events from two neighboring countries with a whole lot of history - this is why we celebrate.

Celebrating Centuries of Tradition

Since 1875, the Kentucky Derby has been known as America’s greatest race taking place in the world’s most legendary racetrack, Churchill Downs. The Epsom Derby in England inspired this event in the States and has since become an American icon and a celebration of Southern culture. Every year an average of 155,000 people attend to watch the most exciting event in sports, a two-minute horserace. There’s no better way to celebrate a Kentuckian event than with our Whisk(e)y blended and bottled in Kentucky. Try it in a Derby cocktail staple, the Mint Julep.

Savoring the Cinco de Mayo Sip

Yes, Cinco de Mayo is not an official holiday in Mexico, nor is it their Independence Day, but did you know that the Mexican-American civil rights movement in the 50s was the cause of its celebration in the US?

The Chicano movement brought Cinco de Mayo to light in the 60s to empower the Mexican American communities and to further tie them to the history of America. In short, while the French Army fought the people of Mexico in the battle of Puebla in 1862, the French were simultaneously supporting the Confederate army in America's civil war. Just like the Mexicans, the Union had the same antagonist. When the French were defeated by an outnumbered army of Mexicans, it hindered their support to the North, solidifying Mexico's aid to the Union.

This story is a celebration of the connection between Mexicans and Americans and the culture and strength of Chicanos. With our efforts to promote Cinco de Mayo with our Tequila, we wish to appreciate its true meaning.

Bringing these two worlds together in a bundle is not only a representation of history and tradition but a means to celebrate our human connection no matter our origins or history. Please savor these sips with us, and share your stories.‎

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