Gebō: The Gift of Camaraderie and Tradition

Gebō: The Gift of Camaraderie and Tradition

At first glance, the X’s etched on our iconic jugs may seem like a simple tally, like those that mark the number of times a moonshine batch has been distilled to perfection. But, for us, they carry a deeper significance, a nod to a tradition far older than the moonshine jug. 

Inspired by the ancient wisdom of the Norse, we adorned our bottles with X’s that symbolize the rune Gebō, the act of giving and receiving, generosity and hospitality. It represents the interconnectedness of humanity, the bonds forged over shared moments and experiences, and a philosophy that defines the purpose behind our spirits. 

We began with a simple idea– to create a small-batch tequila to gift to close friends during the holiday season. It was a gift to show love and appreciation, intended to be enjoyed with others, the gift of camaraderie. This became the principle that would follow us throughout our journey, encapsulating that very essence into each bottle. 

So, we embraced Gebō wholeheartedly, making it the cornerstone of our ethos, serving as a reminder to give and receive responsibly, foster connections, create lasting memories, and Savor Every Sip, our mantra, in life's journey.

Next time you raise a glass of KOKORO with friends, family, or even strangers turned like-minded companions, let the essence of Gebō guide your toast. In that moment of shared joy and laughter, you won’t just be sharing a drink but also savoring the gift of camaraderie and tradition. Cheers!

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